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Some projects are resource intensive, and you need a dynamic solution to cope with unexpected load buildups. With the VSphere private infrastructure from Magic Online, you can scale your resources to match your needs, and minimize operating costs. To ensure maximum security, your data is stored on your own infrastructure, fully dedicated and isolated.

Whether it be for your IT service or your resource-intensive projects, the Magic Online VSphere Private Infrastructure solution offers a wide range of possibilities.

The challenges

Deploying secure systems for each enterprise service is expensive.
It is difficult to allocate the necessary resources for each hardware configuration, and to be able to subsequently use them in a flexible manner.
Users expect ever shorter deployment times.
A guarantee of maximum availability is expected.

With the Vsphere private infrastructure

By allocating a VM for each service, we can isolate the resources made available with incurring any extra equipment costs.
We can also easily change the system resources and adjust your VMs according to each of your requirements.
We can provision new VMs rapidly, and store VM models for each department to ensure an immediate response.
The integration of your VSphere Private Infrastructure with the components of your shared environment or Public Cloud.
Snapshot & Restore in 1 pick.
A 100% private managed infrastructure: we take care of everything.

Secure dedicated infrastructure
Fully private hosting for your firm thanks to an infrastructure and servers completely (100%) dedicated to your site. Magic Online guarantees fully private and secure hosting.

Infrastructure flexibility
Eliminate excess provisioning, increase the use rate of servers and reduce the impact of your IT infrastructure on the environment by consolidating your server equipment with the VSphere Private Infrastructure.
Your enterprise can increase the equipment use rate from 5% to 80%.

Reduce operating costs
Reduce your investment than the operating costs while improving the supplying of IT services without being restricted by a limited choice of operating systems, applications and equipment.

Server virtualization
Your server resources are virtualized. This means you can group them in logic pools enabling their allocation to several work loads.

Network services

Optimized network services for the virtual environment, combined with simplified administration and management functions.

High-efficiency storage

Reduce the complexity of the main storage systems to optimize storage usage in the Cloud Computing Infrastructures.

Integration of Cloud APIs
You can choose the consumption mode for your Cloud Environment.

Extra security

Your data and applications are protected thanks to a server-virtualization platform (“baremetal”), installed directly on the device; this guarantees best-of-breed security.

High availability

In order to optimize the availability time of your Cloud computing infrastructure, nonscheduled service interruptions are minimized, and scheduled service interruptions (for server maintenance and storage) are eliminated entirely.

Coherent Automation

Repeated tasks are rationalized thanks to the precise and reproducible solutions of the VSphere Private Infrastructure. This reduces your operating costs and minimizes the risks of error.


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