Designing and Implementing your MPLS VPN solution


The MPLS VPN is defined and managed at the core of the Magic Online network. Routing is controlled from end-to-end, and the Firewall safety rules and Quality of Service are tailored to meet the requirements of your enterprise.

A data-labeling system is used to attributes orders of priority to the data depending on the services classes defined specifically by the client. The Magic Online network core ensures the compliance of the end-to-end Quality of Service.
The MPLS VPN constitutes the ideal solution for a completely partitioned VPN interconnection.
The Magic Online MPLS VPN offer means that you can avail of a unified network whilst remaining in control of traffic flows.

Installation fee COST



(ex VAT)/Month

MPLS Plateform



(ex VAT)/Month

1 MB Internet output (guaranteed)


(ex VAT)/Month

15 nomad users in SSL VPN mode


(ex VAT)/Month


Enjoy safe access to your VPN network from a remote device running a VPN software with authentication, making your communications safe and reliable.

Internet Output

All the MPLS VPN traffic is escalated to a firewall cluster hosted in one of our data centers; this ensures maximum availability and security.
It also enables us to simplify the configuration of each site and to centralize security around a single input multi-function input point (IP filtering, antivirus, anti-spam) for the entire VPN.

The service includes the possibility to limit Internet access by implementing a URL filter which enables filtering per category (or more specifically, per URL) as well as centralized management of security rules.