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Magic Online operates its own MPLS network as well as the underlying architecture. For you, the client, this means that you can easily and quickly add bandwidth and new sites, and activate new functionalities without requiring the intervention of a third-party supplier.


MPLS VPN L3 partitions routing data, and enables the coexistence of several virtual private networks on a given infrastructure, without in any way compromising security nor independence.


Our network core, featuring the most recent Cisco equipment, with a completely meshed design, without a single point of failure ensures maximum availability of the MPLS VPN service.

Managed Service

End-to-end managed service for an optimal service and a complete support of your VPN.

Single point of contact

Simplified network management and centralized kind of support thanks to a single services supplier for your entire VPN solution.

Type of deployment

– Any to Any Option (Full Mesh)

– Hub and Spoke Option

Class of service Type of forwarding Bounded delay Perte de paquets Jitter Applications
COS 1 • Expedited forwarding
Real-time applications, VoIP,
Applications Jitter sensitive
COS 2 • Assured fowarding
Sensitive enterprise applications: SAP/ERP
Critical applications, not real-time
Server replication
COS 3 • Assured fowarding
Non-sensitive enterprise applications: email
COS 4 • Best-effort forwarding
Non-critical (time) applications
Non-identified Traffic