Flexible implementation of your private network
for all types of links

The IPsec VPN constitutes the ideal solution for a highly flexible VPN interconnection with an independent Internet output on each site. Data exchanged on the IPsec VPN are encrypted and decrypted by end routers before transiting on the local networks of the various sites. The data is encrypted end-to-end in order to ensure safe transmission on the operator’s network.

Each site is independent, and manages its interconnection policy independently of the other sites. In this way, each site has its own access to the Internet and thus the capacities of each link are optimized. The Quality of Services and prioritization of data flows are implemented at the level of each of the sites on the end routers.

The Magic Online IPsec VPN offer allows you to implement a unique security policy, and comprises:

Specification of prioritization rules and of the Quality of Service
Parameterization and deployment of equipment
An IPsec router for each site
Solution deployment and maintenance
Providing an online reporting interface
Definition of configurations and meshing of the VPN interconnection
Definition of the matrix of flows exchanged by the various sites
A reactive support in the event of dysfunction or hardware failure
picto ipsec


Access link

Since the behavior of the various links is a determining factor in ensuring the correct functioning of the solution, Magic Online can deploy and manage these links for optimized efficacy.

Internet Output filtered by Firewall

Magic Online can provide you with a completely outsourced Firewall solution to filter Internet flows and protect you from viruses, worms or attempted intrusions without compromising the performances of the VPN network.

Nomad VPN

Enjoy the benefits of safe access to your VPN network from a remote workstation fitted with a VPN software with identification, and guaranteeing the safety of your exchanges.

Back up xDSL / RTC

Consolidate your connections by adding backup links so as to keep the VPN interconnection available in the event of the main link failing.