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Deployment (assessment and scheduling)

Magic Online collects the information required to define the configurations for each site (identifying links, address plans, traffic matrix, mesh type, managing Quality of Service, Internet filtering, etc.).

Proactive monitoring of incidents

Magic Online provides an online reporting interface, returning information regarding the operating status of your VPN interconnection. In case of incident, the Magic Online Technical Support proactively triggers resolution procedures and informs you of actions undertaken.

Maintenance (hardware and software)

Magic Online undertakes, for the entire contractual period, to keep the hardware and software in best operating condition. In the event of a hardware failure, Magic Online undertakes to proceed to a standard replacement of the defective device so as to minimize the connection downtime.

Modifying the parameters of the solution

Access rules and interconnection settings can be modified on request to respond to new constraints (e.g., adding new sites).

VPN Service Restart Time Guarantee

In the event of a malfunction, Magic Online undertakes to restore the VPN service within contractually agreed times, to inform you of service non-availability, and to send you an intervention report.