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A private, and secured network for your enterprise


28€ ex. VAT/month/site (excluding cost link)

The IPsec VPN interconnection is managed on each site independently, and provides more deployment flexibility.
The data on this VPN are encrypted to ensure extra-safe exchanges.

The ideal solution for a VPN connection with an independent Internet output at each site and an enhanced usage of access links.


55 € ex. VAT/month per 15 users

The SSL VPN interconnection is ensured by means of communications channels encrypted at TCP/IP level.
The ideal and cost effective solution to open your local applications to nomad users.

With this VPN, you can provide users with secure access from all points of the Internet by means of a simple Web browser.


11€ ex. VAT/month/site

The MPLS VPN interconnections are fully managed at the Magic Online operator network core to ensure maximum partitioning. In this way, we can be sure of the end-to-end Quality of Service and prioritization of data flows for all sites.

The ideal solution for enhanced control of Quality of Service and complete network partitioning.