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High Availability

Magic Online guarantees an availability rate of more than 99.9% for your infrastructure.

Fast Provisioning

With fast provisioning, we gain time by using linked clones to provision virtual machines.

Instantaneous delivery and upgrades

Magic Online provides you with your VMware Private Cloud immediately upon completion of your order. Any upgrade operations of your Private Cloud also run immediately to make sure you enjoy the benefits of maximum flexibility.

Integrated Service: Firewall, NAT, DHCP, VPN (vShield Edge)

A public catalog of preinstalled vApps and VMs

Enjoy the benefits of access to a public catalog of virtual machines and vApps preinstalled on your Private Cloud, and providing you with faster deployment of your applications.

Your vApps private catalog

You can create a template based on one of your VMs, and then deploy other VMs in just a few minutes, using the same configuration.

Standard OVF used for the VMs / vApps

You can directly import your virtual machines and vApps into vCloud Director by using the OVF standard.

No limit on the number of users at the VMware Private Cloud management interface

You can create an unlimited number of users and administrators in order to manage your Private Cloud.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Complete access to the RESTful vCloud API


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