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INTERXION PAR3, located 10 km north of Paris (center) is a neutral data center with respect to Telecom operators and Cloud players, which delivers an ultra-secure and easily upgradeable infrastructure for business-critical IT systems, all this with a wide range of connectivity solutions. Your IT infrastructure will be hosted in a secure area, designed and equipped using the latest technologies.

In May 2012, PAR3 received the prestigious “Management & Operations, Stamp of Approval” label, granted by the Uptime Institute to market operational excellence for their site management. This certification validates the performance and quality of the operational methods implemented by Interxion within its data centers.

General ‣ 2000 m2 fully equipped for clients
‣ Located 2 km north of Paris (center) and 16 km from Charles-de-Gaulle airport
Certifications ‣ ISO 27001: Interxion has IT security policy certification
‣ ISO 22301: this new standard (worldwide) concerns ensuring service continuity
‣ ISO 14001: Interxion France Environment Management System ISO 14001: 2004 – Design, Build and Operation of Datacenters
‣ OHSAS 18001: Interxion France management system certified in workplace health and safety
‣ PCI DSS: The Interxion France data centers respect the PCI-DSS standard used for credit card security
‣ Corporate Social Responsibility: EcoVadis: GOLD level of commitment
‣ “M&O Stamp of Approval”, Uptime Institute: a gold standard in the data center sector, bearing testimony to the operational excellence of site management.
Device hosting ‣ Private room, private cage, bay slot in shared area
Connectivity ‣ Double penetration, in the building, of operator fiber
‣ Access to a wide range of Telecom operators and Internet service provider
‣ Access to Internets interconnection points: PARIX, SFINX, France-IX
‣ Structured Cabling Systems

Electricity ‣ A dedicated and redundant connection of 7 MW / 20 kV to the electrical power grid.
‣ Two uninterruptible power supplies: redundant inverters (2N)
‣ Redundant power generating kits (N+1)
‣ Complete range of amperages in AC or DC
Air conditioning ‣ Refrigerated units (N+1 redundancy)
‣ Air-conditioning (N+1 redundancy)
‣ Contractually binding service level agreements as regards temperature and humidity (as per ASHRAE recommendations)
Security ‣ Security guards physically present on-site (24/7/365)
‣ Access Control Systems (ID badges and biometry)
‣ Several levels of physical security including CCTV and double-door systems
‣ Accredited Data-Security Management Systems (ISO 27001)
Controlled Environment ‣ Early smoke-detection System (VESDA or similar)
‣ Inert gas extinction system (Definert)
‣ Critical infrastructure supervision (24/7/365)
Energy Efficiency ‣ Designed using the latest technologies with modular architecture to optimize energy efficiency (PUE)
‣ Bays installed in rooms in “cold” or “hot” aisle confinement, with humidity level as per ASHRAE recommendations
SLA ‣ Contractually binding Service Level Agreements
‣ Power supply availability: 99.999%
‣ Temperature between 18°C and 27°C
‣ Humidity level between 28% and 60%


EQUINIX PA2 is one of the many ultramodern IPX centers, located in the main metropolitan areas in Europe, providing a complete range of top-drawer infrastructure hosting services, as well as interconnection and assistance to an extensive range of secure digital ecosystems, comprising operators, financial institutions, IT and Cloud services providers, and content providers.

Thanks to its interconnection service, the PA2 data center in Saint Denis provides access to new sources of revenue worldwide, and has one of the best enterprise hubs in Europe.

Security ‣ Security guards on site (24/7)
‣ Complete site coverage from the inner center to the site exterior fence
‣ Multi-step security filtering systems, surveillance technology, strict protocols and secure access procedures
‣ Access points constantly monitored by a dedicated internal security system with a magnetic strip cards, palm scanners and a color CCTV network.
Energy ‣ Data center with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of level N+1 (or higher).
‣ Complete backup system in the form of on-site power generation and storage system
‣ Can deliver Service Level Agreement of 99.999%
‣ Each site can generate between 2 and 12 Megawatts of power
‣ On-site inverters and generators to provide backup power for 72 hours
Monitoring ‣ Each system of the Data center is supervised and monitored from the on-site control room (24/7/365).
‣ A Building Management System monitors the infrastructure, including power supply, temperature, humidity, fire and security.
‣ Client operations are managed from the control room: assistance services, device monitoring, cable management.
‣ The systems are connected by means of a VPN.
‣ Surveillance of the European operations of clients on several sites (from any data center)
Cooling ‣ Air-conditioning system is configured with an overcapacity of 120% (at least)
‣ Inbuilt redundancy (N+1)
‣ Each unit has several compressors, circuits and pumps to deliver an acceptable level of minimum service
‣ Also handled by the dry-cooling system in the exterior secured site
Fire ‣ Ultramodern anti-fire systems
‣ Uses prodiffusion analysis with ultra-sensitive smoke detection (presence and direction) along with several concealed anti-fire sprinkling heads
Technicians ‣ Expert technicians on-site (24/7/365)
‣ Surveillance of the performance of the infrastructures of the data centers
‣ Technical resources available to rapidly manage any issues of cabling, as well as remote assistance and installation for client devices.
Quality ‣ ISO9001:2000 awarded in 1999
‣ Datacenter managed in compliance with all applicable principles and procedures.


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