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We put all our expertise at the service of your servers…


We have the expertise to manage all types of servers, from Linux (Gentoo, Centos, Debian…) to Freebsd and Windows. Our systems administrators have the knowledge and experience to optimize the resources of your servers.


Our multi-homed BGP4/OSPF network is 100% redundant (i.e., failure proof). And, as part of our commitment to deliver an availability rate in excess of 99.9%, we only use Cisco equipment, be this for our network core (routers, etc.) or to cable our IT bays.


Our database experience guarantees you optimization and security. We work every day with the main databases on the market: MySQL, SQL Server, PosgreSQL…


We have a global security policy concerning all our network in order to counter attacks, and we set up, on demand, tailored solutions using a dedicated Firewall.


Whether it be for storage or backup, we have a number of dedicated infrastructures (storage server) or shared infrastructures (storage bays) in order to best meet your requirements and keep costs under control.


From a single site up to several thousands of sites, or several dozens of servers, we can provide you with a solution respecting the imperatives of your enterprise.

Proprietor software components

Working from jointly prepared operating specifications, we handle configuration, optimization, as well as the application of patches and updates.

SLA and Response Time

We can provide an SLA level of 99.9% for all our contracts, with Guaranteed Response Times of just 20 minutes (for a 24/7 service).