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Magic Protector: The best anti-spam and anti-virus solution for your enterprise!


User-friendly interface for Administrators and Users
Single-click white-listing and black-listing from the Interface
Blocked email stored for 5 days
Notification sent to the sender in the case of blacklisting
Daily statistics report for the Administrator (spam and blocked incoming emails)


Protect your network from spam, viruses, phishing and malware.
Magic Protector uses its intuitive and patented self-learning technologies to eliminate spam before its even reaches your network.

Immediate detection of new spam and malware attacks
Magic Protector uses continuous improvement to ensure secure data analyses and collection, instantaneously detecting new types of malware and identifying discrepancies. This aggregated information is shared in real-time with all our clients, thus ensuring a rapid protection from emerging threats.

Boost email continuity with an email gateway
Magic Protector provides an additional level of protection for incoming email traffic. The infrastructure also adds redundancy and continuity to your email delivery process; and, if it should prove temporarily impossible to reach the destination email server, the Magic Protector filtering systems send incoming email to a queuing system.

Enhance the efficacy of your resources, and reduce your current hardware requirements by up to 80%
Thanks to our top level incoming-email filter defense which is active at the point-of-entry of your email infrastructure , you will no longer need to manage those huge quantities of incoming spam.

Boost employee productivity whilst retaining total control over your email traffic
Thanks to our SaaS email-filtering systems, ready for immediate deployment, time wasted on spam is reduced to a minimum; employees and all users can concentrate on their job.