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A veritable collaborative enterprise email application

You will enjoy working more efficiently with your colleagues thanks to the rich functionalities of an enterprise email application. By accessing the various protocols (POP/IMAP/SMTP/Webmail/LDAP/Ical/CalDAV/XMPP), with or without encryption, you can deploy the solution with any email application software or use our unified email client application solution.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection for Messages

Our filtering platforms intercept viruses and spams before they reach your email accounts. Any emails with a virus en route to you are cleaned, and the sender is notified. Any undesirable messages are blocked and returned to the sender . For you, this means you can avoid fastidious sorting work.

High-availability hosting

For your data, the email application platforms use a high-availability SAN redundant infrastructure, which provides the levels of security your enterprise requires. Any deleted data or emails can be restored as required. The overall goal is to provide security and encryption to the various application layers of your unified email (http, smtp, pop, imap, sip, ldap, …). Thanks to the redundant infrastructure, the data exchanges with your applications are fully secure.

Sophisticated Webmail

You expect permanent access to your email application by means of a Web browser, regardless of your location. This interface has all the most recent AJAX features, but works perfectly well as an HTML interface for simplified access . With this feature, you have a flash Webmail interface giving you unified access to your emails, calendar, videos and documents, regardless of location.

Exchange connectivity in Outlook.

Use Microsoft Outlook in an entirely transparent manner with your enterprise email application and enjoy all the collaborative functionalities available under Exchange. An Outlook software license can be provided for each user.

A shared directory

A directory listing your contacts that you can share with your work colleagues.

Contacts, Shared Diary, Calendar, Tasks

Your collaborative email application has all the functionalities you need to set up meetings, appointments and events, define tasks, share your documents, manage your diary, and share your calendar with your work colleagues.

Sharing your documents and files

Your collaborative email application allows you to exchange your documents safely by using WebDAV; you choose the persons with whom you want to share.

Synchronization with Mobile terminals

You will receive your emails in real-time on your mobile phone (or device). Your contacts and diary are automatically updated (i.e., synchronization between your computer and mobile phone).

Email quick search

Users appreciate the inbuilt, multi-Index search function to look for and retrieve emails in no time.

Simplified migration

Following an assessment of your current setup, our engineers use our special tools to deploy, for your current email boxes, a migration strategy to our unified email application platforms.

Control Panel

With our administration interface, you can configure all the settings of your email messaging domain, define redirections or assign a password in just a few clicks.