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In the event of an incident, simply backing up data is insufficient. This is where
a Business Continuity Plan is essential to ensure ongoing operations.

Enterprise-level replication

No impact on your infrastructure

Costs kept under control

Regular tests of your Business Continuity Plan

Data Recovery / Business Continuity Plan (DR/BC)

The Business Continuity Plan defines all the processes set up to enable your enterprise to restart, from a secondary site in the event of an incident (or disaster) impacting your main site.
With the event of Cloud technology, 2 types of Business Continuity Plan have emerged:
Enterprise2Cloud : for enterprises using a standard VMware vSphere infrastructure
Cloud2Cloud : for enterprises with an internal Cloud solution (such as VMware vCloud Director or vCAC).

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The Magic Online On Demand Business Continuity Plan is compatible with the above 2 types of Plan, and entails end-to-end orchestration of a complete (serious incident) or partial Business Continuity Plan (failure of a bay or of a room in your data center).


The Magic Online On-Demand Business Continuity Plan is based on the VMware vCloud Director and Zerto Virtual Replication technologies.

Enterprise-level replication

The Magic Online On Demand Business Continuity Plan uses a Recovery Point Objective (“RPO”) replication technology to within almost one second so as to support even your most demanding production applications.

No impact on your infrastructure

No changes need to be made to your Virtual Machines; the replication itself takes place by intercepting inputs/outputs at the level of the SCSI driver of your Virtual Machines; for you, this means no additional overheads nor performance degradation.

Costs kept under control

The cost of your Business Continuity Plan will depend on the number of VMs replicated, and on the associated storage volume. In this way, your Business Continuity Plan won’t be a source of unpleasant surprises when you receive your monthly bill.

Regular tests of your Business Continuity Plan

You can test your Business Continuity Plan without impacting on your production; for example, you can confirm the presence of the most recent transactions of your most critical data bases.

Additional resources in the event of overload

With the Magic Online On Demand Business Continuity Plan, you can discover and enjoy all the benefits of Cloud Bursting. This entails the capacity to use resources in the Magic Online Cloud on demand in order to (for example) respond to the requirements of a temporary business peak.

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Protect your virtual machines in just a few clicks

RPO to within almost one second, capable of protecting several thousands of Virtual Machines

Test your Business Continuity Plan with one single click, every day if you want.

Resource-linked billing

Cloud bursting for more resources


There are several standards (for example, PCI-DSS and HIPAA) that impose significant constraints on enterprises as regards their data (backups, outsourced Business Continuity Plan, etc.). The combined strength of the Magic Online On Demand Business Continuity Plan, the Magic Online technical team and the Magic Online Data centers puts you in a position to readily meet these standards.

The Magic Online On Demand Business Continuity Plan comes with an RPO of within almost one second, even where long-distance replication is used. And all this without having to incur the additional costs generated by using Storage Technology proprietor replication technology * *, since PRA OnDemand Magic Online does not address storage issues.

Magic online has broad and deep experience in Business Continuity Plans and can help you prepare and schedule the plan best suited to your needs.

The Magic Online Data Centers comply with the SSAE16 requirements (ISO and LEED).


Regardless of whether you have one or several enterprises sites, the Magic Online OnDemand Business Continuity Plan can meet your multi-site replication requirements. You can, for example, replicate data for external agencies (i.e. apart from the head office). And regardless of whether the Internet access for your external agencies use ADSL, SDSL or Fiber, the Magic Online OnDemand Business Continuity Plan compression and replication technology comes with a very low RPO/RTO, without adding any overheads to your production.

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