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The Magic Online Client Support Center
In the event of an incident impacting the services provided by Magic Online, you simply contact the Client Support Center (toll-free number).


You can also report an incident, anytime you want (24/7) on the website of the Client Support Service. Once reported, each incident is tracked by us until such time as you, the client, confirm it to as ‘Resolved’. Magic Online does its utmost to resolve each incident as soon as possible. In this regard, the Technical Supervision Center escalates alarms to the Client Support Center.

Declaring an incident :
For Magic Online to resolve and incidents as quickly and efficiently as possible, we require the following information from you, the client :
• Client Name and Client Site Address,
• References of the service concerned,
• Name, telephone number and email of the contact person,
• Elements of the malfunctioning service and description of the problem,
You will be asked a number of questions based on the nature of the service and the incident.

Project Manager
Once you sign up to Magic Online Outsourced IT Management (Standard or Advanced), we will name a dedicated Project Manager who will provide and monitor all the support tasks in relation to your infrastructure.

Incident-management procedure :
Once an incident is reported, Magic Online implements the following procedure :
• The incident is logged in an incident ticket management system. Magic Online sends the reference to the client; this reference is used for all further communications between Magic Online and the client in relation to the incident.
• A level of criticality is allocated to the incident depending on the symptoms identified; the level of criticality determines the incident-resolution time.
• The client receives regular updates (telephone/email) regarding the incident-resolution procedure
• Magic Online and the client can set up an escalation procedure to optimize incident management (in compliance with Magic Online’s procedures).
• Once resolved, a notification to this effect is sent to the client, and the client has one day to confirm (or contest) that the incident has been resolved.

Responsibilities of the Client Support Center
The Client Support Center is the Magic Online structure responsible for managing incidents, in liaison with you, the client. The Support Center returns information regarding the resolution, and tracks the incident ticket up to closure. Specifically, the Client Support Center :
• takes incoming calls concerning incidents;
• manages incidents;
• closes the incident ticket, in liaison with the client.
The Support Center draws on the Magic Online NOC (Services Technical Supervision Center) to resolve the incident.

Service levels
Magic Online has prepared a Service-Quality Procedure used to manage high-performance networks for its clients.

Priority levels
Each incident ticket is assigned a priority; this determines the nature of the response and the resolution time.

– First Level
This level applies to incidents leading to a significant, or complete, loss of service, for which there is no workaround solution available.
Magic Online’s Responsibilities
• resolve the service disturbance within the target time;
• resolve the incident itself;
• focus on the impact, for the client, of the incident.
Client’s Responsibilities
• provide sufficient information to allow Magic Online to identify the site and cause of the failure;
• make the circuits available so that Magic Online can carry out tests;
• be available and able to provide Magic Online with help, or be able to facilitate maintenance operations;
• answer Magic Online’s questions towards the incident;
• if Magic Online cannot contact the client’s contact person, it is considered out the incident timer has been paused (i.e., time not counted);
• if the client does not provide the requested information or prevents an intervention from proceeding, Magic Online shall be entitled to close the incident ticket.

– Second Level
This level applies to incidents which, although leading to disturbances, are not severe enough to prevent the service from being rendered, or to incidents for which a workaround solution exists.

– Third Level
This level applies to specific elements not impacting the overall service rendered (e.g., drop in service indicators).

– Fourth level
This level applies to all requests in regards to interventions not actually impacting the service at all; no resolution targets are set for such tickets.

– Fifth level
This level is used for scheduled maintenance and miscellaneous operations carried out on the service and on its components by Magic Online.

Magic Online has developed an escalation procedure used to identify the best means to deploy to restore a service within an agreed timeframe. This escalation procedure also serves to notify the persons in charge of problems. These persons will then intervene either to give instructions or to deploy the appropriate resource to resolve the failure. Alternatively, they might contact the persons in charge on the client side, and inform them of the problem. In any case, only first-level and second-level incidents are escalated.

Criteria for triggering escalation
The criteria triggering escalation are as follows:
• The resolution objectives are not respected
• No activity can be seen for the tickets, or no process has been defined.
• The client issued an escalation request.
• Magic Online, or a person from the Client Service Department, issued an escalation request.
Any escalation not cleared shall be escalated to the next level.

Deadlines for escalation

Reference Time Normal Service Restart Time
Priority 1 30 minutes 4 hours
Priority 2 1 heure 8 hours
Priority 3 N/A 24 hours
Priority 4 No escalation
Priority 5 No escalation

If no clearance is received within 30 minutes of an incident being escalated, it shall be considered that it has been escalated to the next level.

Escalation levels

Level Triggered by
1 Client Support Center Supervisor
2 Client Support Center Manager

Opening/closing incidents – Incident resolution deadlines
The timestamp on the ticket corresponds to the opening time and closing time of the ticket. An incident ticket can be put on “Client Standby” mode under the following conditions:
• Test time requested by the client.
• The contact persons named by the client cannot be reached in relation to the incident and Magic Online considers the incident as resolved, or alternatively, the aforementioned contact persons need to be contacted to implement the corrective action plan.
• Assistance with the client tests.

Whenever an incident ticket is in “Client Standby” mode, the time-stamping is temporarily discontinued.

Major Incidents and Scheduled maintenance
Whenever there is a major incident, the incident shall be immediately escalated in order to inform the Magic Online persons in charge and the teams of the impacted elements and services, and of the clients potentially impacted.

Scheduled Maintenance
Magic Online regularly carries out scheduled maintenance operations impacting client services. Such operations concern, for example, software updates for active elements, network optimization, and so on. Such operations can also be connected to subcontractors (local loop operator, for example).
Maintenance operations scheduled by Magic Online are generally carried out outside of business hours.
Any operations which exceed the planned time ranges are considered priority 1 incidents.
Magic Online informs its clients in advance of any such operations (assuming that they impact the services rendered).

This description of our procedures is governed by the General Terms and Conditions corresponding to the service subscribes.